Meet Nemara & Dara


Hello viewers. We are NEMDARA.

Yes, yes – a tacky and seemingly obvious combination name, but given the rhyming nature of our first names – going the extra mile really doesn’t seem that much of a stretch.

In July 2012, after a really rough Flu (Nemara) and a sudden realisation that she was contributing to the global economy of destruction (Dara), we decided on a whim to sell mostly everything, put the rest in storage, pack a bag and buy a one-way ticket out of Australia.

And so on the 22nd of November, 2012, we did just that.

This blog is the result of our journey into the world. We have no fixed plan, no exact return date and a whole world to explore.

What’s the name of the blog about?

The name tellemstories.com came about after our first week of camping in Hawaii. To pass the time, we invented a nightly story-time where one of us would have to construct a story based on the events of the day. Titels included “Doris the Giant & her Hairy Eyebrows”, and “Jose gets DOJU (Delayed Onset of Joke Understanding)”.

As you can tell, the stories were wildly entertaining and will be the source material of best-selling books for years to come.


We figured that what makes travel so good is the stories you get to tell to any willing recipient.

Like how we spent a night in a tent on a mountain and it rained all night and we were freezing so we got the hell off the mountain and checked ourselves into the nearest hotel and watched two episodes of Glee to make ourselves feel better.

You see? What a great story!

We hope this blog brings a bit of GLEE to your life, and if nothing else makes you insanely jealous of our back-packing, jet-setting, world-travel lifestyle (and inspires you to have some adventure of your own!).

Much love, NEMDARA. xx