Swapping the Hawaiian “Big Island” for the “Big Ireland”

Are we fecken’ mad?

January was supposed to be spent in the warmth of the tropical sun.

Instead, we headed “for the homeland”, sacrificed our potential-tans and bought some thermal underwear.

The change was dramatic.


Ireland has a certain “freshness” to it. I guess that’s a really lovely way of saying “buy some ski pants or you’ll freeze to death”. In spite of the “Holy hell why are we on this beach?!” exclamations, walking by the water does allows for a plethora of moody photography.




And just when you think you’ve been swallowed up by a moving Iceberg monster, the sun comes out and this delightful country redeems itself in some beautiful colour.


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Ireland really is a stunning country, but you’ll need the luck of the Irish to see it.


  • Natalia

    OMG this blog is sooo farking hilarious! Just brilliant. I’m off FB, so only just got the link to it, but I’m already a fan. Sounds like you’re having an awesome time. Not to mention that the photographs are nothing short of stunning – pure delight. Love n.