Travel the world – Are ye mad?

Tell 'em Stories Travel Blog by Nemdara

D-Day. 22nd of November 2012. First stop, Hawaii.

It turns out that Yes. We’re mad.

It took just four months. One Thursday morning on the balcony in Beach St, Coogee, we dared to say “Let’s just sell everything and travel the world”. So we did. And here we are – on the 22nd of November 2012, with a couple of bags, a camera and a one-way ticket to Honolulu.

Everything we own, packed in a crate.

Everything we own, packed in a crate.


A Self-Interviewed-Interview with Nemara (and Dara)

Dara: So why did we do it?

Nemara: Well our lives were very perfect weren’t they? A Beach-side apartment with sweeping ocean views, a sports car, a thriving business, and beautiful friends…so we decided to throw it all up in the air and step into the hairy unknown.

Dara: Hairy indeed. Did we really think we could pull it off?

Nemara: Having thought about it deeply for at least 5 seconds…yes, we knew we could pull it off. Actually, I don’t know if you did, but I had no doubt. We were leaving in November and that was it – 4 months until take off.

Dara: People didn’t believe us you know – I had some of your friends coming up to me and saying “Nemara’s mad right? There’s no way she can sell her business and leave the country in four months”…I agreed…but your optimism is something to be admired.

Nemara: Not optimism dear Dara – MANIFESTING. There was never a “Plan B”. That’s the secret.

Dara: Great, well can you manifest us living on an island with an endless supply of organic food and high speed internet access?

Nemara: As you wish. Can you manifest our first million dollars?

Dara: I’m on it.

Nemara: No Dara, you need to act as if it has already happened.

Dara: I need to act like a millionaire?! Done!! I have suitable genetic training for that.

Nemara: Allow Dara, just allow.

Dara: Moving on Guru Nems, what do you think people will be saying about us when we leave?

Nemara: They’ll be like: “F##k those bitches have got it goin’ on. I didn’t believe for a second they could do it….where’s that manifesting iPad App they used? I want it now!”

Dara: There’s something in that… a manifesting App…hmmm…

Tell 'em Stories Travel Blog by Nemdara

Tell 'em Stories Travel Blog by Nemdara

  • Bree Donnelly

    It’s true! There is never a Plan B. Imagaine it, believe it and act like its already here & all the rest will fall into place in its own time. x

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