AMAZING Top 5 places to eat in Ubud


So here we are having just travelled for nearly a year and our ‘go with the flow style’ has delivered us to Ubud Bali. It took just a few days to acclimatise to South East Asia after Europe and when we found our feet we couldn’t believe where we were standing!

Of course we had heard about the spiritual and creative hub that is Ubud for many years but seriously do any of us really ‘get’ things, places and people unless we have a first hand experience?

We came here for two reasons – Hubud for Dara and Yoga for me. Check out Dara’s post on Hubud (the cool co-work space frequented by many interesting expats and travellers) and read about the branding presentation she did there (in true Dara style, there was singing and dancing):


As for me I desired to eat good food and commit to a daily yoga practice for the first time in this lifetime. There are two main Yoga schools in Ubud – the very established and quite amazing Yoga Barn and the newly opened Radiantly Alive.

We chose to dedicate our daily practice to occurring at Radiantly Alive, where for $120 Aussie per month we had an unlimited pass to 6 classes per day with world class teachers in smart and stylish spaces.

Actually – if you come here, definitely have some classes with Daniel (the owner), Heather (the graceful one!) and Jose (the funny Spanish one). It is not uncommon to see the same people bending, twisting and inverting at every session we go to – as some yogis are seriously doing 4+ classes per day! Flexible bodies = flexible minds…and flexible schedules! Why not!

What we didn’t know about Ubud however is that it is currently being hailed as the Raw Food Capitol of Asia (to my knowledge the other main ‘raw’ hub is in LA). Imagine our delight as within a few days we start to discover all these amazing Raw Food joints peddling green juices, green smoothies, raw tonics and elixirs, raw mezza plates, vegan raw sushi, raw pies, mango salad wraps, raw spinach quiches…. And on and on the deliciousness goes!

All over Ubud amazing high conscious high vibrational eateries are blossoming and blooming. Some are 90% vego, some 90% vegan and a few of the newer establishments are 100% raw vegan – and they are in an abundant quantity.

Step out to lunch at one cool spot and sail into dinner at another great funky joint just a few steps down the road. Seriously if you desire a raw food education come to Ubud – it’s organically thriving! Actually on that point all the conscious restaurants here are serving locally sourced organic produce and many even have their own farms.

Oh and just so you know a wonderful organic raw dish will only eat up $3.50 – $5 of your Aussie dollars with a juice or smoothie being an additional $2.50 – $4. Add in a mouth dribbling raw desert and what a meal for $10! BTW the majority of these restaurants are alcohol free!

So onto our favourite eateries – we have a few so let’s narrow it down to 5!


1. Alchemy

Top of the list is Alchemy. Their mission statement reads: Your body needs attention – alkalise, hydrate, transform. Should you choose this mission your body will not self destruct. EVER.


So the other night we had dinner with Elena one of the co founders of Alchemy – a lovely young Russian woman…and I wrote an article on her and Alchemy that you can read here – and it also appeared in LOTL! Check it out here…

These guys have the most comprehensive raw juice and smoothie bar ever, the most talked about vegan salad bar on the island and a raw chocolaterie that will inspire you to seek out the nearest cacao dance party!

Really! Look at this food! It’s all raw!




If you were to come here only for the ‘sushi’ (substitute papaya for salmon and cauliflower for rice…) and the Peppermint Kiss smoothie followed by the delightful raw ‘tiramisu’ it is probable that you would never consume cooked foods again!


2. Living Food Lab

Next is The Living Food Lab –“experiments in conscious eating” which now has 2 outlets. The first was created out at Green School (imagine a raw food cafe as the food outlet in your kids school!) and the second is based at Hubud (the co working space mentioned above).


So how good does Dara have it?! She gets to hang out in a very cool creative share space and when she gets peckish she revitalises on the raw delicious meals, snacks and beverages concocted by the creators of the Living Food Lab.


Her current favourites here are the Mango wraps and the Vanilla Bean infused fresh coconut water followed by a Silky chocolate truffle or a Nanaimo Bar (pictured above)…in fact, she had to query the owner on the ingredients of the Nanaimo bar because they were so freakin addictive!! If you have any doubts about raw chocolate you must taste one of these decadent little numbers.

And! If you invite Dara and I to dine with you back in Oz we can make them for you because we completed the Raw Chocolate workshop with co owner Avara last Sunday. Obviously this was best chocolate day ever despite the confusion over Dara, Avara, Nemara. Highly recommend this 4 hour workshop if you come to Bali as they are held quite regularly.

Discover more about these experimenters at who are also offering courses and private catering.


3. Clear

Then theres Clear – let’s get Clear… We love Clear! It’s uber cool, stylish and has many very interesting and diverse offerings. It’s also a fav hangout of Micheal Franti so if you are here over Xmas you can probably have a chat with the lovely man.


Chocolate guru David Wolfe is also a big fan. It’s hard not to be. The menu is mainly vego with some seafood offerings and I have to say the first thing I delight in when perusing the menu is the map of Bali showing the locations all over the island from which their organic produce is sourced. So reassuring!

The menu can make you salivate from breakfast to dinner. Kick your day off with the Green Giant juice followed by great wake up treat the “Raw sprouted granola” ala fresh cashew milk. Yum! For later in the day there are amazement raw pizzas, a raw soup selection, some quite delicious macrobiotic choices and other cooked delights inspired by Indian and even Mexican classics.


Like many of the cafes in Ubud, patrons are invited to chill all day, enjoy the vibe and perpetually graze the passing hours.

Check out their website:


4. Down to Earth

Then there’s Down to Earth – which is pretty much as the name suggests. It was our first discovery on the foodie trail so we are very fond of it.


They have a smaller selection of juices and raw plates here yet they are quite yummy. You gotta try the Raw zucchini pasta with a Raw blueberry pie chaser. Ah yeah yum! And just so you are fully informed, these guys offer a very lovely and great value cooked buffet every Sunday lunchtime.



5. Bali Budah

And finally – Bali Buda “real food by real people” – we have popped into dear Bali Buda quite regularly as it’s just across the road from our Yoga mats at Radiantly Alive.

To my knowledge this is one of the oldest high Vibe food establishments in Ubud, and according to their website spearheaded the organic movement here – and hey they are still doing an excellent job! Large selection of Great juices and power smoothies and like many of the other joints are also offering superfood shots (maca, spirulina, Gogi) and a selection of Raw nut milks. Delicious!

The offer quite a large menu yet a small raw food selection. Dara’s fav here is the seriously devine miso soup and I will admit to having one of the best bean burgers with gluten free bun ever here…


Interestingly Bali Buddha do not offer wifi as they would prefer patrons to connect with each other rather than the Internet! Right on!


If you are still loving baked bread, muffins and cakes the Bali Buda shop has the best bakery in Ubud.

There are MANY more places to check out in Ubud…also check out:

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You see! Your ultimate Raw-Vegan food experimental adventure awaits you! Book your ticket, find yourself a villa, get yourself over to Radiantly Alive yoga and start eating LIFE!!

xx Nemara