Top 3 things to do in Santorini


After nearly five weeks in Santorini, I’d say we got a good glimpse of what the amazing island has to offer. There are so many things you could do to tick all the Touristy boxes (Sunset at Oia, Donkey ride at Fira) – but we wanted to give you just three other options that could whet your adventurous appetite!


Seriously, do not hire a car. Do not get on a tour bus.

Sure, it was entirely daunting for us to get one – but then we saw the 18 year old American girls riding around and we were like “hey! We can do that!”. Honestly, it will be the best thing you’ve ever done.

You can get one for 15 euros a day if you hire it for more than one day. Petrol will cost you around 5 euros a day.

OK. Top Three.

1. Walk from Imerovigli to Oia (on a nice day).

The view will blow your brains off. It will take you 2 hours at a leisurely pace, or 4 hours (like we did) because we had to stop every 10 minutes and get overwhelmed by the view. You could bus it or take a quad up to Imerovigli, walk to Oia and catch a bus back. Honestly, this is the most stunning walk I have ever, ever done.

2. Walk to Ancient Fira (Thera) from Perissa.

So you know that cute church on the hill in Perissa? We were aiming to walk to that, missed the turn-off and ended up at the top of the mountain instead. When we got there, we had no idea that there was this whole ancient civilization up there! It’s like a full-on ruined town! You could take a quad bike to get up there (via Kamari), but it was far more rewarding to do the walk (take water and snacks!!). We also got to actually swing by the little church on the way back.

3. Take a quad bike to the “new beach Theros”.

This is just a really cool secluded beach and a really fun quad bike ride to get there. Take the back streets to Vlichada and then look out for a blue sign that says “New beach theros”, and take the dirt road down to the water. The rocks are all made out of pumice, so the formations in them are really awesome.


Ok…a few bonus extra’s…

Akrotiri – the ancient city that has been preserved by volcanic ash, would be my number 4 – and for a 5 euro entry fee, it’s actually well worth it. I went twice!

And one day, I headed out towards the lighthouse (past Akrotiri), and just went down every single dirt road that led to the water. It’s a great way to just get out and explore.

(for anyone who wanted to know, we stayed at The Best!!! and ate religiously at Tranquilo down in Perissa).

Ok – enjoy the best island!