This is Hawaii: The Kalalau Trail

If you want a bloody good view, then you have to put in a bloody hard walk

This is the kind of hike that makes you love your ugly walking shoes.


Watching all manner of tourists try and climb the very steep boulders and manoeuvre themselves down slippery slopes in very inappropriate footwear (thongs, crocs etc.) was actually quite entertaining. I thanked my early training at The Athletes Foot and praised my choice in footwear.

The views as promised, were outstanding.



Now this walk goes on for 11 miles and will take you 2 days to do it. So at the 2-hour mark there is a rather curious beach, full of human stone-sculptures. It’s quite a site to see!





All in all, a bloody good day in the sun!


  • Matt John

    I love it how you manage to walk 11 miles and still look like a rockstar. Born famous x

  • Bree Donnelly

    Cute pics gals! x