Going all East 17 in a Croatian City [The Portl]

The Portl Process STEP TWO

The second CD that I ever owned was Steam by East 17. It opened a whole brit-pop love affair to me that would unveil Oasis, Take That, Boyzone and the now-famous One Direction.

It was no surprise to me then that my opening number for the Step Two video would feature the gods of the Early 90’s – East 17. “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” was an anthem for a generation, and complete with gangsta-boyband-gestures, I reckon the relevance for today is stronger than ever.

So it was within the enchanting city of Zadar in Croatia that I took to the streets to perform my moves and inform the Portl Audience that “Even though you’ve seen the need for change – don’t worry my friends because everything’s gonna be alright!”

Nemara was mortified at my abilities to dance in crowded spaces, and was rather thankful that I didn’t force her on-screen involvement!

What on earth does all of this mean? Well you’ll have to watch the video below and then head over to theportl.com to check it all out. The concept of “The Portl” is what this whole website is based on – and as soon as you get a grip on what “A Portl” is and how you can open one of your own, fabulous things will start to unfold!

There’s a free download too! So get your buns over there and see for yourself what this whole Portl thing is about!