One Year Travel Anniversary! A reflection by Dara.


On the 22nd of November, exactly one year ago, Nemara and I got on a plane bound for Hawaii. We had no idea where we were going after that, or what adventures lay ahead.

Our style of travel has been one of really “feeling” places. We managed to slow our travel right down and stay in places for at least a month so we could really feel and understand what it was like to live there.

According to our Route map, we’ve been to 27 places (14 countries) and our path across the world looks something like this:



In some ways it doesn’t feel like a year, and in other ways it feels like a lifetime.

Nemara and I have spent nearly 24 hours with each other for a whole year! How is THAT for a test in a relationship…and to be honest, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Nemara is a fantastic companion both in travel and in life. She has done an amazing job at keeping us both healthy (I LOVE that she is the enthusiastic food captain), and it has been a real pleasure to get to know her more over this year.

We are in Ubud right now – just wrapping up our last week here before heading back to Australia for Christmas – and I really think this place has been such a blessing for us both.

If you’ve ever had a ka huna massage, or done a bit of yoga (this is a relatively new phenomenon for me), you would have some idea of the “Savasana” (sometimes called Shavasana) – which is basically the resting you do at the end.

In yoga, the teachers frequently tell you that “just lying here after an hour of yoga is actually the hardest pose”…and at the end of a ka huna massage, you’re told to “just lay there and feel the effects of the massage that’s just happened”…

I feel like Ubud has been our Savasana.

We travelled non-stop for 10 months, but these last two months in Ubud have truly been the most beneficial. It’s where we have allowed all the travel and experiences to “integrate” into our bodies – we have had this amazing tranquil time of reflection, and allowed the time and space to truly understand what all that travel was really about.

It turns out that a year of travel has turned us into conscious eaters! Turns out the whole thing was about FOOD!! Who knew that moving around the world was going to open us up to a new level of health and wellbeing (especially seeing as how my last lot of world travel was spent primarily eating baguettes and cheese and cheap pasta).

Nemara has been glued to her iPad, collecting data and ideas on health and juicing and raw food and the healing properties of the food we choose to eat. I feel like I’ve gone through a total education on “food as medicine” and what it really means to be “kind to your body”.

Even after thirty years of ACTIVELY HATING YOGA (like really, I HATED IT), I turned my belief around, understood the amazing benefits to my body and committed to a daily practice (which we have been doing now every day for five weeks).

Life is good.
I feel stronger in my body than I ever have.
I feel clearer in my mind than I ever have.

We don’t know what our future travel journey will be – once again we have no real plan beyond Christmas, but I feel absolutely overwhelming joy to be spending this time with the amazing woman I love and truly thank her for taking me on this journey with her.

Check out the video we filmed together to mark the occasion of our one year travel anniversary!

Watch this space.

x Dara

  • izzy

    You are just glowing girls – so badly that I´ve had even a hard time to recognize you. But YES! ITS YOUbUdUBUDdu! thank you for showing your glow!
    LOVE &KISSES isi