One Direction Music Video (Gozo Guide)

A number of years ago, Dara came out of the closet as a proud lover of Boybands.

It was inevitable then that I be sucked into her vortex of choreography and help her live out her true destiny of being in a Boyband herself.

And so we find ourselves on the picturesque island of Gozo (Malta), wanting to make a travel video for our blog, when Dara’s destiny finally had its chance to shine.


Conveniently, there lay an abandoned Motorbike just down the street to set the opening scene.

So here it is dear readers – our not-so-serious attempt at a music video, with the pretext that it was actually to show you the scenery of Gozo. Enjoy.

(Make sure you watch in HD! Just click on the settings wheel near the YouTube logo).

Of course, if you want to view the (much inferior) original video, check it out below:

God help us, tell us what you think in the comments below!!

  • Tamara Webster

    You look like you’re having a blast!!


      Well…we’re certainly not taking ourselves too seriously!

  • Mike

    I think that was the most entertaining boy band video I’ve ever seen! I can’t claim to have seen many, but that was the kind of video that could bring a whole new audience to the genre. And the scenery…wow! Great shots and creativity ladies, keep up the fun story telling!


      What?! You haven’t seen many boyband videos’!? Mike! I shall start you on a course of education straight away!

      • Mike

        Hey, that was actually a fun clip 🙂 (I particularly liked that I didn’t understand the lyrics for the most part). Who knew?! Well, clearly you’ve known for quite some time Dara, haha. Thanks for the education, and good luck with X-Factor. You’ll both get my vote. x

  • Gavin Hodges

    Instant Hit!!!
    Dara, your life’s journey is complete xxxxxxx


      Indeed it is. Do you think i can convince Nemara to take our act to the x-factor stage?!

  • nikki

    Love it! I reckon yours beats the original hands down – hair is better, location is real and way more creative : ) Your trip so far looks pretty epic! x

  • Lainie Cann

    You gals are AMAZING I LOVE IT!!! Can I share it on my Facebook wall? I totes love your version better!!!! xoxox

  • Teresa Springall

    ha!!! The things we do for LOVE!!! You guys are AWESOME & entertaining 🙂 – I’m gonna have to show that to AIdan & see how he responds te he … will have to watch it a few more times now to actually take in the sights – was too focused on the cute boy band members!!! Saucy!!! xxx

  • Hal Hennigan

    Hilarious! The Maltese Tourist Board should buy it. Or should I just ring Louis Walsh?

  • Adrian Meli

    Absolutely Brilliant!!!!!! Ever considered taking part in the Eurovision? – would win hands down!! :p

  • Stephen Kernohan

    You two are having an amazing time! I love the Maltese tourist/boyband video… you make great boys!!!LOL!Got the moves!!! Enjoy the rest of you journey catch up soon