NEMDARA – Our first magazine spread!

Dear readers – the power of boybands has taken us to a new level of fame. We have been featured in Australia’s best lesbian magazine – LOTL!!

Nemara has actually been featured before – back in the dark ages of 1998 (when she had dark hair and less smile lines) – and we are now very proud to be associated with this magazine. It was a very important publication for me back in the early “coming out” years – just being able to see that there were “normal” happy gay couples living out their dreams – and now we’re one of them!

We’re also thrilled to announce that LOTL have set up our very own blog for us on their website: which means that the travelling-boyband love can continue to spread to a wider audience 🙂

Thanks to the Editor – Laura McConnell for featuring us!

Click on the image below to see the high rez version.

OMG we're in LOTL!

  • Shana

    This is fantastic! I just found your emails the other day and am having a ball catching up on your adventures.


      Shana! Glad that you cyber-stalked me and found our adventures…it’s been a total hoot!