My favourite Nomad

One of my most favourite people in the world is this guy:


His name is Allen Myers.

We met in 2010 whilst we were both living in the infamous Green Tortoise hostel in San Francisco.

In a nutshell, he’s been travelling for nearly eight years. That’s right people EIGHT YEARS! Trusting in the world and all its beauty and generosity to provide him with all he needs – and in return he greets all who help him with one of the most genuine souls you are ever likely to meet.

To support his travels, he takes amazing photographs and then displays them in mini outside “galleries” in whatever town he happens to be in.



It was by absolute pure, universal chance that the weekend we happened to be in this tiny, random town of CasteldeFranco for the Italian Baptism, Allen was living near a winery just 15 minutes away.

So three years later we find ourselves chatting about the old days and the time that’s passed over a bit of pasta and some gelato. I love this guy – really. He’s the kind of guy that I want to start a global sponsorship fund for, purely so he can keep doing what he does – touching the lives of people all around the world in an incredibly heart-warming, genuine way.

Here are just a few of his photo’s…










It was an absolute gift to be able to see him again, and also introduce him to Nemara!


Head over to his website: for a better look at his pics and a read of his story. It might even spark the nomad in you to get on the road!