Let’s get the f#ck off this mountain

It wasn’t a good night.

I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

Tell 'em Stories Travel Blog by Nemdara
Tell 'em Stories Travel Blog by Nemdara

Looking at Nemara’s reassuring face with a plate full of Egg Sandwiches for dinner should have made for a perfect start to a seemingly perfect camping experience.

We had decided to get away from the beach-side and head in to the mountains (Kokee State park) for a different Hawaiian camping experience.

So what was to disrupt our little mountain soiree?

Could it be that the wettest place on EARTH was just a mile from our camp ground?

Could the fact that our plan to stay in the local DRY cabins backfired when we found out that on a Sunday such reservations are not possible?

Or could it be that every local that passed us while setting up our tent, smiled and said “Now you girls stay warm tonight”.

We settled in.
We read our books.
It got cold.
And then it PISSED DOWN.
All night.

Tell 'em Stories Travel Blog by Nemdara

At approximately 6am, we woke (having not actually been asleep), when Nemara delivered one of the happiest sentences I have ever heard:

“Let’s get the f#ck off this mountain”

I reckon we had it packed in 12 minutes.
Our elaborate plan to hike in the Hawaiian mountains evaporated the instant we got in the car and headed for sea-level. This is us on the other side of a sleepless night:

  • http://www.facebook.com/bree.donnelly.3 Bree Donnelly

    Oh Dara you looked wrecked…I think genetically we were not built for camping. Its all those years glamping at Kiama we have to blame… I love Nemaras positivity still shinning through…double green tea! Love it! I bet those pancakes were the best thing you ever tasted.