Lago di Como, Italia


Hands-down one of the super best days on Lake como was getting the opportunity to catch up with Cri (Cristina Leoni) a former Sydney Ka Huna therapist and just plain delightful human being. It had been 2 years since we said goodbye in Paddington so I was very excited to reconnect in her homeland of Lake Como.


Actually I would never have heard of Como if it hadn’t been for Cri and randomly…George Clooney (who owns a lakeside mansion just down the road from her – this is me taking a picture of his house – Dara cringes that I’m one of those iPad photo people)…


Anyway – back to Cristina – for a woman who has spent the last decade doing some serious world travel, it was quite the surprise that when we met in tourist central Bellagio (just a quick ferry hop across the lake from her village Ossuccio) that she had been there just once as a child and was not the local guide we were expecting! Still we did have a beautiful sun filled walk through the grounds of a local mansion followed by a divine lunch of home made pasta coupled with delicious merlot.




…this is why Dara doesn’t drink…


It was a Happy day, with sweet sharing and reconnecting. We then took our respective ferries homeward over the lake. Ciao for now beautiful Cri xx



We stayed in a very non-touristy village called Dervio (Cri has never heard of it…) up the northern part of the lake. We loved it and enjoyed a very quiet 10 days of walking, hiking, home cooking, ferry riding (such a pleasant way to slow travel) and breath-taking beauty.














The iPhone Suicide

When one spends time in such a beautiful place like Lake Como, the need to have electronic things around one-self becomes more and more tiresome. In fact, days before this actual event happened, Dara mentioned that she’d been having fantasies of theatrically throwing her iPhone off a cliff or into the water…

Now the thing is – that we weren’t even using this iPhone as an actual phone! It was purely for wifi and instagram purposes – still, the need to be disconnected from all things “i” seemed to be too cosmically strong.

One day, we were walking high in the mountains when Dara stopped to pull the camera out of the backpack to capture what would have been a perfect instagram moment. It all happened in slow motion. The iPhone threw itself out of Dara’s hand, merrily skipped the four meters to the rock edge and charismatically threw itself off the cliff in a final act of defiance.

It was interesting to note our reaction to the scene that had just unfolded.

It was one of, well…relief, and almost expectation.

We looked over the edge and sure enough we could still see it, wedged on a ledge by some big trees. We looked at each other and thought. “Should we get it?”. I mean, it was probably only three metres down.

We began rationalising our need for it.

“It’s really handy for wifi in cafe’s”
“I need it for instagram”
“It make online banking really easy”
“It was a great second camera”
“I really liked that phone”.

So the decision was made.

We’d have a go at getting it back.

On reflection, and considering the flimsy nature of our rescue ropes (two jumpers tied together), it probably wasn’t a good idea. As I had promised Dara’s mother that she would return home safely (and not being able to bear the thought of Dara’s demise being over an iPhone rescue mission), I volunteered to go over the edge. After all – I was smaller and the jumpers could probably hold me.

It was one of those situations where we wish we had a camera to capture the ridiculousness of it all – but that was the day we decided not to take out the “big camera” – because after all, we had the iPhone…

I was lowered over the edge (hoping that the jumpers would hold) and in my elaborate descent I managed to completely shift whatever bit of scrub was holding the iPhone up and it went out of sight forever.

Dara hauled me back up, we sat for a minute and both agreed that “it was one less thing to carry anyway”.

It’s final resting place is just about here:


Dara has set the iPhone to “self-destruct mode”, so if anyone finds the phone within the next 1000 years and connects it to the internet, all traces of our lives will be removed from this little time capsule. RIP iphone.


The way to travel…Ferry!

On our last day in Lake Como, we took the three-hour ferry ride down the entire lake to go and catch our train. We could have gotten there much faster, but you know what? The Ferry Ride was UNBELIEVABLE! We felt like queens (!), travelling on such an amazing day, seeing the beauty of the lake.













Thankyou Lago Di Como – you were beautiful. x