Introducing THE PORTL


It’s here! After months of prep and a global effort in creating this site, we’re proud to announce that our new venture THE PORTL is very much alive and online! (Plus we have merchandise!)


Let’s take a trip down memory lane to our very first blog post where we did a self-interview on why we packed up and left. It ends with the fleeting mention of a Manifesting App:
Dara: Moving on Guru Nems, what do you think people will be saying about us when we leave?

Nemara: They’ll be like: “F##k those bitches have got it goin’ on. I didn’t believe for a second they could do it….where’s that manifesting iPad App they used? I want it now!”

Dara: There’s something in that… a manifesting App…hmmm…

And at the time, we quite honestly thought nothing of it.

A few months later, we find ourselves in Gozo with not much to do when Nemara flicks through the blog and decides that this whole manifesting app thing might be a goer. I mean, we had the time and the MacBook, so why not give it a crack?

Many months and life-purpose conversations later, The Portl was born. Not quite a manifesting app (yet), but our version of a contemporary education (AND ENTERTAINMENT) source for all things manifesting. It combines our powers of branding, design, a need to perform boyband-related-dance-moves on camera, and decades of reading and personal hands-on experience with helping people get to where they need to go.

It was created on the go.

The Portl name was settled in Malta,
The Portl Process was developed in Cyprus,
The branding was finalised in Crete,
The website was designed and built in Santorini,
The first videos were shot in Berlin,
Followed by videos in Austria and Croatia,
and the website was initially launched in Salzburg.

We’re really proud of it!

You’ll notice that we’ve made a very strategic move to make this all about Dara:


There a few reasons, but mainly because it became VERY CLEAR while we were filming a certain boyband music video in Malta that Nemara is a reluctant video star – and in this YouTube saturated world, we needed a representative who would GLADLY perform dance moves in a crowded European city for the sake of the website.

So it was decided.
Dara would don the Pink Jacket and take this baby to the top!


We’ve just released our first two steps of The Portl Process – a 10-step cutting-edge manifesting guide that will change the way you think about your life. Complete with pretty artwork and snappy (music themed) videos, we promise they will be worth the watch.

Plus! For all those who want to follow the progress of this Portl adventure, please head over to our Facebook page to Like it and stay in touch with what we’re up to.


And of course, head on over to to check out all the fun, and please let us know what you think!