Healthy Travel – from the Wellness Captain

Part of what makes travelling with a partner to effortless is that we both have very clearly defined roles. Or as Dara likes to call them – “Captaincies”.

Her captaincies are quite functional:


Which means that in nearly a year of travel, my sole responsibility has been one thing:

Food Captain.


It was only recently pointed out to us (whilst having a leisurely afternoon swim in an infinity pool overlooking the rice paddies in Bali at Sunset), that I could extend my captaincy into:

Wellness Captain.

So here it is – the insider tips of how I’ve kept us both “well” during this year of travel – delivered directly to you from the Wellness Captain…

Possibly one of the best choices we made as we embarked on our world ‘Walkabout’ last November was giving up meat. Our first stop was Hawaii and having seen the ‘Food Inc’ documentary a couple of years before, there was no opening for meat consumption anywhere in America.

Sorry Dara… This little Food caption says “pesco”.

Hawaii does have great fish so we did indeed go pescatarian, enjoying a few delicious campfire concoctions featuring Ahi (tuna) and yes we sampled the notorious Hawaiian garlic prawns. This was one of those great in-the-moment feasts yet the following 2 days I do not choose to repeat this life time!

A little bit later in the journey we had a sad bad fish experience in Cyprus… Choice made – no more flesh!

As someone who has genuinely struggled with her ethical heart and carnivore taste buds this switch to ‘no flesh’ has been a blessing and a relief. And truly easy…. so No more guilt!

Dara’s feelings on the subject are quite different. Since cutting out meat and fish she has noticed a marked improvement in the clarity and sharpness of her brain and she just feels healthier. Actually, she describes the result of eating meat as “like eating brain clouds”…After flicking through a magic book of spiritual vegetarian wisdom in Crete, she is also happy not to ingest the karma of the animal… Figure that one out!


This vego choice has taken us off the usual route as we journey and has guided us to amazing restaurants, eateries and people that we would never have otherwise met.

Cutting out meat and fish has meant less exposure to potentially harmful bacteria…. Simple.

When you travel for a year you get very conscious about what you will or won’t carry. So you keep it slim. Acting accordingly and in keeping with the desire to do all things naturally we opted to take two doTERRA Essential oils with us – the Protective Blend of ‘On Guard’ is a must.


We have used it in our water, a dab on the tongue and on the soles of our feet at the slightest hint of any feeling of unwellness and yup we have not been sick once on the voyage. The other doTERRA oil we travel with is Peppermint which we have used for toothache, headache and belly bumps. I reckon these may be the best essential oils on the planet so check them out at

The other main travelling companion for keeping it happy and healthy is Sea Salt. We have had a cache of good sea salt in the backpack since the get go. I swear by it!


We have gargled at the first sign of a sore throat, used as a mouth wash for sore gums and have practiced Netti (yogic saline nasal cleanse) when there was a slight hint of a cold. All cleared up swiftly.

We have also done a semi regular detoxifying salt flush to keep our digestive and elimination systems clean and functioning happily. And depending on where we are in the world we have used the salt with coconut oil or olive oil for divine body and face scrubs. Cleansed within and without.

Oh and we also use the ol’ sea salt for cooking… Radical!

It took a while to get the next chapter of healthy habits happening but it’s been in full swing for the past few months. Back in Australia we were in the habit of starting our days with a life-giving green smoothie.

These have been sorely missed until the light bulb AHA! moment – Lets buy a stick blender that we can easily transport whilst globe trotting and get back on the blending wagon!

Her name is Moulin (she was bought in Paris next to the Moulin Rouge) Dara sort of suffers these but I LOVE them and feel just fabulous with a green smoothie being the second thing to enter our bodies each morning (the first is fresh lemon tea… Kickstart the digestive system).


Every morning is a slightly different blend, yet the mainstays for me are usually spinach, bok choy, kale, avocado, berries, cucumber, parsley and coconut oil.

If you feel inspired check out this iPad app I recently purchased which has lots of great Green Smoothie recipes to share. There are also lots of ‘Green for life’ peeps on youtube sharing their green smoothie blends.


In a nutshell here are 14 healthy happy reasons to be a green traveller – and to take charge of your wellness.

1. Natural weight loss
2. Increased consumption of Green vegetables
3. Easy digestibility and nutrient assimilation
4. Antioxidants
5. Mental clarity and focus
6. Increased energy and vitality
7. Increased fibre intake
8. Clearer skin
9. Reduce cravings
10. Rich with chlorophyll
11. Alkalising
12. Improves your digestion
13. Strengthens immunity
14. Reduces risk of serious disease and other health complaints

And lastly we massage each other regularly so we stay grounded, balanced, connected and strong in our bodies. Again use whatever is natural and available wherever you are. Coconut oil or olive oil – both great for the skin.

Helpful mantra – If you can’t put it in the body don’t put it on the body. Your wonderful skin does not like to eat strange chemicals. Keep it real!

If you are planning to travel I hope this blog has inspired you to take responsibility for your health and wellbeing on the road! You will be having too much of a good time for the alternative. Bon Voyage!


  • Nemara Hennigan

    After 11 months on the road the very day I write the healthy travel blog Dara gets sick (head cold) and 2 days later I get it. Having just committed to daily yoga classes in Ubud (Bali) maybe we are detoxing! Either that or the above blog is verbal wordy hoodoo!