Let’s Go to Gozo!


So here we are in Malta

So left-of-centre and rather a surprise – but hey just great. We didn’t expect to find heat… but we did find ourselves a huge sunny apartment in the sleepy seaside village of Xlendi, Gozo with heaters! Xlendi is a lovely little isolated town…



Our apartment has a huge spare room – so if you feel like a trip to the wintry, wild, wet and occasionally sunny winter Med then by all means join us! It’s possible that we are currently 2 of perhaps only 10 residents still here as it seems all Xlendi-siders have vacated for January and left us to enjoy their delightful little oasis in peace…incorporated. We are not complaining!

Our new home away from home.




This tiny little island in the middle of the Mediterranean is truly stunning. Boasting an impressive and domineering coast line, the remnants of 7000 years of habitation and a dramatic history – there is truly much to witness and take in.




Cathedrals, churches, citadels and fortresses seem to pop out of the landscape everywhere one looks – a magical wonderland of an invaded past. And if you love history and exercise in equal measure then this is your place. Our fabulous legs will be even more fabulous by departure!









Our plan is to spend a sedate five weeks here – living in an unknown land where we will have lots of time to create, be inspired, stream and download. Not entirely sure what that means – yet Dara is entirely supportive. Maybe all will become clear and maybe it won’t – yet here we are in the moment enjoying the strange and the new. Perfect!


  • http://www.facebook.com/teresa.springall Teresa Springall

    Awesome – sounds idealic & perfect!!! I was in Santorini years ago & it was the beginning of winter season – still warm – but just no one but a few locals around – was sooooo great to have the place all to ourselves when normally you’d be fending off people left right & centre