Getting naked with strangers. Again. (The Austrian Sauna experience)


Ahh, the joys of European shameless body parading. It’s rather refreshing! After our naked-with-strangers experience in Liquidrom, Berlin, we decided to take our Sauna/Thermal bath experience to the next level and head along to the healing water capital of Austria – Bad Hofgastein.

This area (also including nearby town Bad Gastein), has been a thermal healing pilgrimage for many Europeans for countless years. Exactly 50 years ago, some Austrian genius built this amazing Alpentherme facility to capitalize on the healing nature of the nearby thermal waters.

It was by all accounts, a fantastic experience. Being Australian and generally subliminally taught to be ashamed of any kind of nudity, it is such a delight to hang out with a bunch of European adult strangers who love nothing more than hanging out in sauna’s and throwing ice around the room like kids (there a specific sessions for this). It was a real highlight!!

We were glowing like radioactive humans after two full days of Alpentherme treatment, so we recorded this video for you to capture the moment.

Love love! x