Eiffel Tower Tantrums

I’d like to think of myself as a relatively calm person. Cool under pressure, not easily phased.

Unless I haven’t slept.

Then, my friends, anything could happen.

So in Paris, things got ugly.

We have been in Paris for the last two weeks – and I had one thing to do: Film at least one video for The Portl.

Entirely overwhelmed by the idea of this (and having a doctorate in procrastination), I waited until the night before our departure to scramble and write a script for Step 4 – Just Activate.

By 3am I had put together a (rather rubbish) script involving ice-cream and the Eiffel Tower, and after getting very little sleep, I woke up the next morning and proceeded to flip out that the idea was crap and this video wasn’t going to get done after all.

It wasn’t pretty.

Really, I need my quota of sleep or things get ugly.

Another hour went past (of sulking on the couch) before I took my own advice, and just decided to pretend as though everything was going to go as planned – and by some miracle, my idea would transform itself into something brilliant by the time I got in front of the camera (it didn’t by the way…).

I had a shower, threw on the pink jacket and headed for the Eiffel.

Things got worse.

Especially, because the video I was trying to film was all about Action – and it appeared to me that I was achieving exactly NO ACTION in my process.

I was exhausted, cold (the weather had turned just to spite me), uninspired and a right royal dragon to deal with. If I’d been on an actual film set, an intern would have filmed me on their iPhone, posted it online and the tantrum video would have gone viral.

I was an absolute card-carrying diva.
Nemara did well to handle (ignore) me.

In my defence, I just wanted to film a really genuine, funny video – and the more frustrated I got, the less genuine I became.

Which is when a familiar lightning bolt of insight came shooting out of the Eiffel tower of wisdom:

“Dara, how can you expect to create something funny and interesting, if you’re not interested or having fun while you’re doing it?”


At this exact moment, I knew it wasn’t going to happen.

My Eiffel tower filming dreams were promptly shattered and I stormed off in a rage.

Five minutes later I saw the whole thing for the comical fiasco it was and had a good laugh about it.

I just let it go.

And you know what? I immediately felt better.


The pressure was removed and I no longer felt like throwing my Birkenstok’s at the lovely couple getting their wedding photo’s taken in front of the tower.

On the train ride home, everything became clearer.

I was going to create a video, I just wasn’t going to create the video I thought I was filming.

Unbeknown to me, I had just set myself up for the perfect (having gotten quite a bit of my tantrum on film) “If it doesn’t flow, let it go” video (which has been a long-standing mantra of mine).

I got home, walked in the door – filmed a 2 minute video in one take and the whole thing was complete. I edited the video and wrote this post on the train to Milan.

In hindsight, if you think about it – is almost the PERFECT video for explaining JUST ACTIVATE – because the core of the idea is JUST DO SOMETHING.

I wanted to create a video for Just Activate – and I essentially (unknowingly) did.

Do something.


Because nothing happens until something (or someone) moves.

Go and check out this post over at The Portl!

(Thankyou Nemara for your support, patience and good humour with this – a true Production Manager at heart).