Cyprus: Time for Danielle Steel

In a month of travel in Cyprus, we only took two photo’s:

1. With very little to do in Cyprus and having run out of suitable reading material, we turned to the ‘reliable’ texts of the famous Danielle Steel. Oh! What an education in literature! A DS novel had never before crossed our palms… This amazing lady has sold over 500 million copies of her ‘books’… We now have a new world view and the utmost respect for the marketers of ‘illerature’. Hats off to DS – how has she sold so many books without the aide of a thesaurus?


2. This was on the morning of my 30th Birthday.

Cyprus was, well…warm. Yep, that’s it. Warm. A month of very interesting travel. It was functional, safe, inexpensive and provided a great opportunity for creativity.

We got a glimpse of retired life (the place was swarming with crinklies from the UK) and it was enough to propel us into the next leg of our adventure with inspired gusto!!