We can’t believe it.


One (of the many) things that I loved about Nemara when we met, was her immediate embracing of Glee in all its showbiz joyful happiness. I loved it and by default, she must did too.

So it was with absolute shock and disbelief that we heard the news of the passing of our beloved onscreen friend – Cory Monteith. He really did bring so much glee and good vibes to our relationship – both Nemara and I like nothing more than being tucked up in bed on a Saturday night with a handful of Glee episodes to watch (I know…exciting stuff).

There was even a (rather tragic) cover of Don’t Stop Believing that Nemara and I recorded in our apartment in Cyprus (which thankfully is confined to the password-protected depths of my macbook), that showed how much we deeply loved this show.

I know it’s a little bit sad to be so involved with characters who aren’t real – but we felt like Finn Hudson (as many would) was our friend, and we were both waiting with bated breath to see how he would get Rachael back. The fact that Lea Michelle was his real-life girlfriend makes this all the more tragic. She was certainly my first thought when I heard the news.

The last time I travelled the world, Stephen Gately (of Boyzone fame) suddenly died, and I remember being glued to the TV (in the 80ft mega-yacht I was working in at the time), keeping a television vigil throughout his funeral, wondering how such a “gleeful” young life had been so rudely taken away.

Cory Monteith, Stephen Gately, Heath Ledger…I’m still in disbelief that any of them are gone, but it is a harsh, tragic reminder that our life here is brief and we must strive to make every moment as gleeful as possible.