Come to Santorini (feat. Dara Bieber) – The Music Video – Over 51K views!

***Update, as of right now, our video has had 51,814 views! (On two separate uploads)

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The official Greek Tourist Board Facebook Page also featured us! For a while there we were the top rating Santorini video on YouTube!


Come to Santorini - Featuring Dara Bieber

The wait is over my friends!

After much anticipation and a successful launch party, we are proud to premiere the very first Santorini Music Video – “Come to Santorini” (feat. Dara Bieber). Please leave a comment below or on our YouTube page – we’d love to know what you think!

Download the Free MP3 of the song here!!

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

**Disclaimer – despite the “hints” that this video suggests – we are NOT married! (yet) Ha! xx


…BTW If you can’t see the video above, try this one below!

Every music video needs a launch party!

So we gathered our closest relatives (Nemara’s parents), headed down to our favourite bar (Tranquilo – where our backup dancers are from), and put as many people as possible in front of the laptop to watch our masterpiece – voila! A music video premiere!





Oh, and here is the “official image” that’s been doing the facebook rounds…

Come to Santorini

Justin who?

Oh…and in case the Justin Bieber reference has been COMPLETELY lost on you, here is the original music video that inspired the melody…


  • Natalia

    This is such pure awesomeness! You guys are amazing. I loved it, the video quality is so good and Dara your Bieber voice is beautiful! Xoxo

  • Real Footprints

    Hilarious, awesome job!


      Thanks! All just a bit of good clean boyband fun really!