5 things we have to travel with

We’re literally carrying our lives on our backs as we move from space to place. It’s been interesting to take note of what each of us value as MUST HAVE items. Here is the run-down.



Simply the best travelling game invented. It transcendes cultures, entertains for hours and satisfies all competitive needs!

Doterra On-Guard

This is the only medical kit we need. For internal and external use On Guard is a mix of essential oils that will keep you free from colds and any potential bugs! Really a must have on any global adventure.


This is my gym. I just hook up this contraption to the back of any door or around any tree and use my bodyweight to get the ultimate core workout. Really, such a godsend to have this while travelling.

Sigg Water Bottle

I have a fear of getting thirsty. True story. If you need water, I will ALWAYS have some on me. I have only had this bottle for a few months but it is already an extension of me and I have THRASHED it hard, but it keeps on giving. Sigg, I love you.

MacBook Pro

My Portl to the world. Invaluable. You know, sometimes when you’re in a foreign country you just want to be in bed by 7:30pm watching the very latest episode of Glee. This allows us to do just that!


Jasmine Green Tea

Addict… A morning ritual regardless of environment. I LOVE 2 morning cups. Green for GO… And if its not kicking in I’ll have a double bagger!

Coconut Oil

Extra Virgin for internal (one spoonful per day) and external use. Face, body and hair moisturiser, massage oil and much more.

Massage Cup

I just love the massage cups. They do what my hands can’t and are just so effective. They suck pain out of the body, separate tissue, increase blood flow and ladies they suck that cellulite away.

Watercolour Kit

My dear friend Lainie put me onto this. So neat, small and light you can whip up little colourful sketches anywhere. Keeps us creative.


Padi and I have been together since January. Our affair is deepening and Dara has renamed him ‘crack pad’. Amazing what one can do on this gadget… I am hooked!